For Japan to maintain and further develop its affluent advanced welfare society in the future, it is essential to educate and nurture electronics engineers who possess a broad perspective and academic foundation capable of creating novel energy, optoelectronic and other such devices that will be pivotal in advancing and sustaining our future societies.
Considering these demands from the present and future societies, this course aims to develop and nurture outstanding talents who can innovate new devices from a global perspective by acquiring the fundamentals of electronics, such as electromagnetism, electrical and electronic circuits, solid-state physics, and electronic devices, as well as the foundational knowledge in materials science which is indispensable for creating novel devices. Through studying these foundational subjects, students will gain a strong understanding of electronic devices and material science, enabling them to contribute to the development of new devices on a global scale.

Introduction to the research

GaP terahertz signal generation device

Low-temperature probe for nano-device measurements

Thermal conductivity characterization device for newly developed micro-nano materials

The state where light is focused on silver nano-crystals

Spin polarization and circular polarization in semiconductor quantum structures

Example of a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of a transfer mold emitter

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