Not only in the energy-related industries such as solar cells, which are expected to undergo significant development as future industrial sectors, but also in every industry including the transportation equipment industry based on conventional automobiles and the electrical and electronic equipment industry based on consumer electronics, the development of new technologies for environmentally friendly energy devices such as energy-efficient technologies are an urgent and pressing issue.
In tackling the exploration of these new technologies, this course aims to cultivate outstanding talents capable of developing electronic and photonic materials leading to the creation of energy-related materials, environmentally friendly materials, or new devices by ensuring a solid understanding of foundational subjects such as chemistry, as well as fundamental disciplines like physical chemistry and materials science.

Introduction to the research

Developing next-generation radiation measurement technologies by leveraging the luminescent properties tailored to the materials.

Perovskite solar cells are expected to be low-cost next-generation solar cells

We are advancing the development of a low-cost fabrication method for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries using single-crystal solid electrolytes

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